My Target Prabal Gurung Picks

What did I do this morning? I woke up my husband, bribed him with breakfast, and dashed out of the house to see the Prabal Gurung collection. I was there before 9 am and there was already a huge dent in the availability. Of course my size wasn’t available in the items I decided to purchase; so it looks like I will have to order my picks online.
This dress is beautiful, I LOVE it…if it were only my size. If you were able to see behind me, you would see 6 inches of fabric in the back. The smallest size on the rack was an 8. The 4 would have been a perfect fit, if it fits like all of the other dresses. 
This another one of my favorites. This peplum is perfect for me, but I can see someone tall having an issue with this top being too short. For reference I am 5’1”. It is also one size too small in a 2; a 4 would have been PERFECT.

Have you been to Target to check out Prabal Gurung?

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